Sacramento, California. March 31, 2017.  A “Safari Adventure” themed Delegata Day! As always, our corporate day is dedicated to team building, training, updates, and of course, yummy food and a fun trip! This time, we went to the Sacramento Zoo and competed in their Scavenger Hunt.

Delegatans listening intently to the day’s presentations.

VP Global Operations, Dave Marzouk, leads our corporate updates.

Delegata’s Tom Ewing, Project Consultant, catches the ball during our team-building ballgame!

Oops… we dropped the ice-breaker ball!

During our Marketing update with Marketing Manager, Romy Haddad.

At the Sacramento Zoo for an afternoon Scavenger Hunt!

Our Software Engineer, Arturo Lopez, poses next to Rocket the Giraffe’s baby picture.

Delegata’s Multi-media Specialist, Robert Richmond, and our Software Engineer, Vasavi Vempati, pose for the camera!

Danielle Gelotte, Executive Office Assistant, reviews her team’s answers for the Scavenger Hunt challenge. Photobomb by Arturo!

A moment in nature’s beauty.

Taking a rest while walking back to the car.

See you at our next Delegata Day!

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