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The mission of the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) is to “develop and coordinate the policies and programs of the state’s transportation entities to achieve the state’s mobility, safety and air quality objectives from its transportation system.” This cabinet-level agency was created under Governor Jerry Brown in 2013 is responsible for transportation-related departments within California state. It is focused solely on addressing the state’s transportation issues, as California is home to the largest and most complex transportation system in the nation.

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CalSTA Traffic Records System (TRS) Roadmap

The Challenge

The Traffic Records System (TRS) is a system of systems that involves six (6) core data systems (crash, vehicle, diver, roadway, citation and adjudication, and injury surveillance) as well as the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) and Data Use and Integration system components. Together, these systems include 391 high-level capabilities.

To align the State’s numerous traffic records systems, CalSTA initiated the development of a comprehensive system modernization roadmap by recommending business process improvements, planning system modifications, and prioritizing system projects.

The main challenge for this project was to verify the “As-Is” state and define the “Future-State” for this system of systems which includes collaboration with various CA state organizations.

The Solution

Delegata partnered with the eight (8) key TRS stakeholders (CalSTA, California Highway Patrol (CHP), Department Motor Vehicles (DMV), California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA), Department of Transportation (Caltrans), TRCC, and the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS)) to gather the data that was needed for this project. 391 capabilities were grouped into work packages which were then grouped into formal projects and prioritized over a defined roadmap. Delegata created an Improvement Effort that would bring TRS to its desired Future State. This included an Architectural Blueprint and a Data Governance Structure.

The Benefits

The TRS Roadmap aligns with the desire to improve California’s overall traffic safety, in an effort to reduce injuries and save lives., To achieve this goal, the project delivered the following benefits

  • Developed a traffic collision data collection and system strategy, system assessment, and roadmap for California Traffic Records System
  • Collaborated across six affiliated organizations and the TRS Coordinating Committee to integrate data and improve traffic safety across the State of California
  • Prioritized database integration across crash, citation, adjudication, driver licensing, emergency medical services, injury surveillance, roadway information, and vehicle records
  • Created clear roadmap to close the performance gap in future systems, and included Strategic Enterprise Management Planning, Program Delivery Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Governance, and Portfolio Integration

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