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For nearly 30 years, the Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs (ADP), now part of California Department of Health Cares Services, has been California’s authority on substance abuse prevention and treatment. ADP’s responsibilities range from licensing and certification of providers to delivering strategies and standards throughout the state. In November of 2000, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (SACPA) required ADP to rapidly implement statewide policy, forcing it into a period of dynamic change. Recognizing that its future success would depend, to a large degree, on its ability to effectively manage and apply information, ADP partnered with Delegata to help meet the challenge.

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ADP – Enterprise Database

The Challenge

ADP requested that Delegata perform a technical study to develop an organization-wide data structure direction and strategy. The study included the need for a combined data structure, shared access for multiple business areas, an implementation strategy, and a transition strategy. The scope of the project included an analysis of three pilot projects and a number of various legacy systems.

The Solution

Delegata leveraged the Diamond © methodology and conducted a thorough study of existing systems and data. The study delved into multiple program areas to determine user requirements, needs and expectations. Having completed our investigation, we worked with ADP to create a future vision and developed a strategic roadmap for implementation of the solution.

Delegata performed an analysis and facilitated the development of a strategy that was defined at the executive level. Our strategy included an integrated solution with infrastructure, systems, and processes that included a data warehouse for analysis and decision support. The strategy positioned ADP to provide services through its existing infrastructure while moving towards a long-term, full implementation goal.

The Benefits

Business Benefits

Delegata successfully integrated the results of several previously unfinished data warehouse studies. We identified 18 systems and 6 process areas to better integrate and share data. ADP’s new strategy included how to proceed with current “pilot” applications, built on Oracle Forms. Additionally, we reviewed the final strategy, and set a course for implementing state-of-the-art technology systems that are clean, user-friendly, and deliver accurate, meaningful context.

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