Sacramento, California. August 09, 2012.  “InSourcing” has materialized as the hottest buzz word of the presidential debates recently, but did you know that over a decade ago, it served as one of the founding principles for a leading consulting firm in Sacramento?  Delegata, a leader in business transformation through management and technology consulting, conceived the concept of InSourcing as an integral part of their value proposition and has championed InSourcing efforts ever since.

When Delegata first introduced InSourcing in 2000, it represented a significant shift from business as usual in the consulting world.  Founder and CEO Kais Menoufy explains, “We saw a need to change the model of the indefinite and dependent client-consultant relationship. Instead, we wanted to partner with our clients so that they could become experts in the new systems and solutions we designed for them, with them in methodological form and we called it InSourcing.”

And that is exactly what they did and still do. Delegata guides their clients throughout the entire project lifecycle to build competency within the client organization and empower the client to independently use, maintain and even enhance the systems that Delegata has designed for them. Delegata’s Solutions Director, Leon Casaubon affirms, “We prepare the people as well as the systems for the new level of performance we are aiming to achieve.”

Insourcing is a model that has brought tremendous value to Delegata’s clients.  Former Bureau Chief of the Departmental Services Bureau for California’s Department of Justice, Sheri Hofer explains, “DOJ has partnered with Delegata on many award winning, complex initiatives in the areas of project management, application architecture, quality assurance, business analysis, software development and application and process reuse.  Delegata has consistently embedded collaboration into each phase of every project using its InSourcing knowledge transfer approach to ensure that skills, information and process are effectively integrated with team operations.  This not only resulted in a more efficient and effective DOJ staff but ultimately led to the implementation of quality programs that save lives.”

Delegata believes strongly in InSourcing because, according to Menoufy, “it builds more skilled and knowledgeable workers, organizations and therefore communities.” A passionate corporate citizen, Menoufy is energized by the recent political attention being focused on insourcing. “We’ve been practicing InSourcing successfully for over a decade,” he says, “ The bottom line is InSourcing is more than just job training. It is a process of mentoring that develops the skills to do the job today and the capability to keep the job tomorrow.”

Menoufy welcomes the public debate and looks forward to opportunities to share Delegata’s InSourcing methodology, “It’s an empowering, economical and efficient approach that benefits our clients and ultimately, can benefit our country.”

About Delegata® Delegata is a premier consulting and systems integration firm that specializes in Program and Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, Organization Change Management, Technology Planning and Analysis, Application Development, Systems Integration, Technology Migration and Process Alignment.  Incorporated in 2000 and based in Sacramento, CA, Delegata currently operates in the United States and abroad with a team of experienced professionals who have implemented award winning solutions for clients in many industries, including local, state, federal, and international governments in the areas of healthcare, finance, utilities, and energy.  Visit Delegata’s website at

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