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Delegata Sponsors Rising Squash Player
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Delegata Sponsors Rising Squash Player | Heba Nossier

Sacramento, California     March 4, 2020.

Delegata CEO/President Kais Menoufy has announced that his company is sponsoring local Sacramento Squash player Heba Nossier. Mr. Menoufy met with the rising Egyptian American Squash player to sign a company sponsorship agreement.

The Delegata sponsorship will be used in supporting Heba’s upcoming match in the USA National 2020 U.S. Women’s and Men’s Squash Championship, taking place in Haverford PA, on March 24 -28, 2020. Through this sponsorship agreement, Nossier will also promote Delegata Corporation on social media and will also list Delegata on her official online Professional Squash Association profile.

Heba Nossier has over 18 years of experience playing Squash and plays professionally in both the United States and Egypt. As a player she has competed internationally and was formerly ranked number 4 in Egypt. When Heba is not playing competitively, she dedicates her time to coaching and personal training, specializing in developing a variety of clinics, drills, personalized lesson plans and player development.

Heba Nossier’s Tournament Victories Include:

  • USA Single Women National | 2018 | 8th Place
  • Bay Club Squash Club Championship | 2018 | 2nd place
  • Latitude 38 Group Open Singles | 2017 | 1st Place
  • Santa Clara Squash Championship | 2017 | 3rd Place
  • Egyptian National Women’s League | 1st Place
  • Port Said Women’s Tournament | 1st Place
  • Egyptian Women’s College Tournament | 1st Place

Heba Nossier and Kais Menoufy shake hands after signing company sponsorship agreement.

Nossier is currently listed on the PSA World Tour Website:

Squash is a racquet sport played by two players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. According to US Squash, squash is a challenging and athletic sport that is played by 25 million people around the world. Squash is a challenging contest of agility, strategy, talent and mental and physical strength and has been voted the number one healthiest sport by Forbes magazine.

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