Technical Writer

Location: Sacramento, California
Immediate Opening

Position Description:

Technical Writer: Delegata Corporation seeks a Technical Writer in Sacramento, CA

Job site is located at: 2450 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA, 95833.


The position requires:Must possess a minimum Bachelor’s degree in legal studies, or related field. Must have at least four years of experience in law.


Job Duties:                

The technical writer is responsible for supporting client projects within the State of California, where the business must provide services for the management of contracts from initiation through award, compliance and renewal for programs, projects, and tasks orders. The technical writer will understand high-level contracting and HR processes and write detailed procedures to be used by government analysts to complete their work.


The job duties will include moderate to heavy interaction with business analysts, drafting contractual and legal documentation, review of documentation and updates for comments, review of methods for compliance with regulation and statute, and transferring knowledge and documentation to the client for their ongoing management and maintenance. The individual must be highly responsive to changing demands in a dynamic operational environment.




  • Provides responses to bids, proposals and contract negotiations.
  • Prepares requests for proposals for distribution to vendors.
  • Analyzes all requirements and provisions in contracts, including terms and conditions, to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations and company policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that contracts are executed in accordance with corporate guidelines.
  • Conducts research prior to writing contracts.
  • Audits existing contracts and oversees contract modifications.
  • Analyzes a contract’s risk to the business.
  • Visits client sites and meets with business partners.
  • Monitors the performance of each signed contract.
  • Ensures that business goals are accomplished by contract implementation.
  • Communicates contract implementations to subordinates.
  • Conducts analysis of new laws, regulations and contract trends to determine potential impact on the business.
  • Coordinates with the finance department to ensure correct billing and collection of contractual revenues.
  • Ensures that contracts are in line with corporate goals and objectives.
  • Identifies potential improvements to existing policies.
  • Prepares reports on the status of contracts for management.
  • Conducts special projects as assigned.
  • Research applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Ensure that reports on status are accurate and that service records are maintained.
  • Transfer knowledge for methods, tools, and practices where possible.
  • Train resources to perform routine activities in areas of expertise.
  • Conduct research on California statute, regulation, and other authoritative sources.
  • Analyze processes and define procedure templates where possible and teach others in process analysis and procedure documentation techniques where appropriate.





Belen Calanza

Delegata Corporation

PMO Support Manager

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