Sr. Program Manager

Location: Sacramento, California
Immediate Opening

Position Description:

The Program Manager (PgM) is responsible for developing, implementing, operating, and improving one or more organizational capabilities, e. g., strategic governance program, or enterprise portfolio management office.  The PgM takes responsibility for the productivity of the staff and stakeholders, and the effective development, coordination and presentation of needed training and skill development initiatives. The PgM actively searches, creatively designs and implements effective methods to enhance and recognize performance. The PgM ensures the use of repeatable efficient processes that effectively use technology to accurately consume and produce information and results. The PgM sets performance metrics, evaluates productivity, and transfers knowledge and transitions responsibilities to designated staff and stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for establishing, operating and improve the division’s strategic governance capabilities.
  • Assist with the administration and refresh of the client’s strategic plan (including a structure of cascading business drivers, mission statements, vision statements, goal statements, quantitative success indicators, and a portfolio of change strategies for recurring operations/ processes/ products/ metadata/ data and initiative projects/deliverables/metadata/data, and their dependencies).
  • Assess and model organization-wide business drivers, missions, organizational functions and structure, and recurring and changed functional operations and information needs, to drive process renewal and improvement and subsequent training and performance assessment activities.
  • Provide expert guidance and support for the organization in the continuous renewal and improvement of its processes (including the resultant products and relevant metadata and data), and support with improving and measuring the productivity of the organization’s workforce to meet evolving essential business needs.
  • Provide expert guidance and support on the effective development, coordination and presentation of operations-training and operations performance assessment and reporting activities for all of the organization’s current, renewed, and adapted processes, for all of its workforce.
  • Identify and arrange operations-training solutions for the workforce. Actively search, creatively design and implement effective methods to educate, enhance performance and recognize performance.
  • Provide guidance and advice to organization leaders and managers on setting performance metrics, evaluating productivity, and helping the workforce create long-term career plans within the organization.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor process assessment, modeling and improvement activities, and subsequent process training sessions within an organization.
  • Assist leaders and managers in the technical aspects of process assessment, modeling, improvement, training, and performance monitoring for staff.
  • Conduct orientation sessions.
  • Create brochures and training materials.
  • Develop multimedia visual aids and presentations.
  • Create process-training testing and performance evaluation processes.
  • Provide operations performance feedback to organization leaders and managers.
  • Build solid cross-functional relationships.
  • Provide logistical support for delivery, evaluation, process measurements, and cost management.
  • Plan the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, budget spending, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that operations are managed within authorized budgets.

Mandatory Qualifications:

  • At least two years of experience in a leader or manager role in a government or business operations or large project setting.
  • Proven ability to lead by example and foster mentoring relationships.
  • Outstanding verbal, written, multi-tasking and presentation skills.
  • Ability to create momentum and foster organizational change.
  • Must have significant experience in planning complex and long-running programs consisting of many collectively and individually funded projects.
  • Active Certification as Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with strategic planning and strategic implementation.
  • Experience developing, implementing, and operating a strategic portfolio management governance program.

Education, Certification, & Training Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in business administration or liberal arts or at least five years of equivalent experience (Engineering or IT related is desired). Master’s degree is a plus.
  • Certificates in organizational change is desirable..

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