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In today’s business environment, organizations are dealing with changes at every turn. Even foundational components such as infrastructure (that we take for granted) are undergoing changes. This makes the complexity of making progress higher than ever before. The pace is fast and everyone struggles to keep up with the needs and opportunities. Organizations must leverage new technologies and business processes to stay ahead of the curve. Leaders in these organizations are turning to business partners who have the enterprise and technology expertise to help lead the transformation.

As a premier strategic solutions firm, Delegata has developed an innovative approach to creating and delivering measurable business value to its clients. “InSourcing” is an approach that has Delegata providing leadership and management capabilities to deliver all or part of the vision life cycle and transformation portfolio. Delegata performs knowledge transfer to the organization’s internal staff enabling them to take over responsibility for the insourced leadership and management capabilities and the strategic solutions delivered as a part of the transformation portfolio. Delegata serves as a leadership partner that equips their clients to develop their capabilities for continual progress.

Using this approach, new skill sets are transferred and left with the organization to operate, maintain, and enhance the solution on their own. Delegata strongly believes that there must be knowledge transfer on every project. Success is achieved when the clients’ internal staff is equipped with the knowledge to deliver measurable business value.

What is the “Insourcing Approach”

Delegata cultivates the insourced leadership and management capabilities side-by-side with internal staff members. As the project phases develop, Delegata provides hands-on training so that knowledge and skills are consistently transferred to the client throughout the project life cycle. This mentoring approach is used to provide repetition and retention of new processes and skills.

The first step is for the Delegata team to become an integrated part of the client organization. They must understand the business drivers, company culture, and vision of the organization. During the early phases of the project, Delegata is assessing organization needs, project needs, staff skill sets, technology impacts, funding sources and regulatory requirements. A holistic understanding sets the stage for progress.

Delegata partners at every level within the organization to assure a complete understanding of the skill sets and to assess the training that will be required. Our goal is to connect the dots within the organization to ensure their strategic needs are addressed throughout the project.

As the project nears completion, Delegata works diligently to ensure that internal resources thoroughly understand the new processes and technologies. Delegata’s project is considered successful when the new functionality is delivered on time, on budget and on spec, competency and capacity to meet near-term goals are in place and the organization has the skill sets to develop future enhancements and expansion on their own.

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