Organization Transformation

Organization Transformation

Everything that Delegata does is geared toward facilitating organizations in their transformation from a current state to a more efficient future state. Some transformations have been rather small; others have significantly affected the mission of more than 65,000 people.

Transformation is about leadership. As organizations become challenged by the need for significant business change, it is important that simple behavioral patterns be applied to help those participating in the transformation align with new performance requirements in ways that make them successful and achieves the required outcomes.

The journey for the organization starts with the people, since they are the resources that power success. Whether an organization is implementing new technology systems, changing their business processes, adding new products, adding new services, or reorganizing to better align with performance requirements, there are meaningful patterns of activity, participation and understanding that must be analyzed and understood. Solutions are developed to help them excel individually and contribute to the achievement of their organization's mission.

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Learn more about Delegata's approach to Organizational Transforamtion (OT) through this presentation at Public Sector Partner's 2014 Project Delivery Summit.