California San Joaquin County SJC Case Study

County Intranet Portal (SJC)

The Client

A land of beauty, recreation and natural riches - from the waters of the Delta to the vines of the wine, San Joaquin County has it all. San Joaquin County boasts seven cities (approximately 921,600 total acres) and some of the finest opportunities in the state for boating, fishing, camping, history-gathering, or just plain fun in the sun.

Each city, as well as the unincorporated County areas, offers a unique opportunity to enjoy natural California beauty and nature, or music, arts and culture. Whatever your interest, it can most likely be found in San Joaquin County.

San Joaquin County (SJC) is the 15th largest county in California and the nation’s eighth leading producer of agricultural products. Covering 1,400 square miles, its population is nearly 600,000 people. To better serve its employees, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiencies, SJC partnered with Delegata to leverage web-based technologies that provide an effective Government-to-Employee (G2E) platform and bring additional information and efficiency to support County employees.

The Challenge

With more than 7,000 employees across 30 departments using a variety of computer systems, San Joaquin County had a major integration challenge. Technology needed to play a key role in supporting the delivery of administrative services through easy access to internal business and employee services. Solutions needed to integrate new technologies with previous legacy investments and processes to effectively move SJC toward its eGovernment vision.

The Solution

SJC partnered with Delegata to establish an eGovernment infrastructure capable of quickly and efficiently deploying applications and data throughout the organization. Delegata combined its knowledge of government services and technology, employing Oracle’s newly released 9iAS Portal, to create SJC’s innovative Intranet portal. The solution required working closely with Oracle to refine and maximize the portal’s ability to meet the County’s needs. Leveraging off-the-shelf capabilities with existing SJC systems and data, Delegata combined our strong information architecture, systems integration and quality assurance expertise to deliver an integrated, sustainable solution.

The Benefits

With the Intranet portal project, SJC made noticeable strides toward full eGovernment implementation with the ability to quickly integrate and distribute applications as needed. Overall collaboration levels were improved, providing employees with quick access to news and business information. The Oracle 9iAS platform also supports improved information management and library capabilities and addresses archive issues. Additionally, the portal provides a unified place for County employees to access information, equipping them with an effective access point for enterprise-wide operations knowledge.

Suggested Downloads

Project Profile - SJC County Intranet Portal - (.PDF 120KB)