Our Mission

Delegata's global experience guides our focused, local mission.

Our Mission

Delegata's Mission is to deliver world class transformation solutions through management and technology consulting that help our clients realize their visions while recruiting and retaining experienced, successful professionals to enhance our biggest treasure - our people.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to deliver Solutions without Borders.

An ancient philosopher once said, "The only thing constant is change." This idea clearly applies to today's ever-changing global economy. Today's solutions must accommodate this philosophy by not creating limitations or restrictions to what can be imagined or achieved.

Business today is characterized by radically different methods to accessing, sharing, and utilizing information - methods that are constantly changing and innovating. Organizations from around the world are moving quickly to overcome traditional structures and make productive use of new tools, processes and technologies in this rapidly changing environment.

Delegata was founded based on several key principles, which today, comprise our vision. We recognize the challenges our clients face in effectively bridging the gap between new solutions and existing systems unique to their organization and industry. As a result, Delegata's principle focus is partnering with our clients to solve their complex business and technology challenges by applying our Diamond methodology, professional expertise, and commitment to excellence to every transformation effort.

Through this focus, Delegata is helping our clients establish new collaborative environments that enable open business communication and commerce to transcend traditional borders…

Solutions Without Borders!

Our Values


Delegata differentiates itself in the marketplace through its philosophy and practice of relating honestly, openly, and respectfully with clients and colleagues.


Our Company revolves around our clients and their needs. Every solution is tailored to meet our client's unique culture, strategy and requirements.


Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed. We aspire to the highest level of excellence in our work. Our project is not complete until it passes the clients quality measurements as well as our own.


Every client is a partner. We can only be successful if our clients are successful. Delegata not only partners with clients, but with our employees and community as well.


Our corporate culture encourages and values the entrepreneurial spirit. Every employee feels a sense of ownership towards Delegata and feels it is a personal mission to make it a success.

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